Earth Moving Machines

Fusion Torque offers a wide range of services when needing to repair your companies Earth Moving Machines.  Earth moving machines such as motor graders, trenches, excavators, crawler loader, skid-steer loaders, scrapers, bulldozers and backhole loaders. These machines are all used for excavating and moving large quantities of the earth. They move soil and other material on heavy construction sites normally for preparation for further building. 

In order for our infrastructures to be developed we understand that sometimes companies experience shut downs, meaning that these earth moving machines face a break down. Thats why Fusion Torque is there to the rescue by providing repair services to these machines. We repair transmissions, earthmoving, torque converters and your general engineering components. Construction machinery and equipment is our main target that's why we have your back should you need great quality material and workmanship. 

We have experience in repairing different components in machines such as CAT, Komastu, Volvo , Allison, Clark, Funk, Furukawa, Kawasaki, Hitachi, ford Tractor and much more. 

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